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Answers to our most frequently asked questions

How long will I be without my device?

Walk-ins & In-store Appointments: In-store appointments can be completed in as little as 15 minutes - subject to stock availability and the complexity of the repair. We will quote the approximate time required to complete your repair when you bring it in. We do our best to finish most repairs the same day, often while you wait. 


Curbside Service: We offer Curbside Service for any guests uncomfortable or unable to come inside. To request Curbside Service - Call, Text, or Set an Appointment. Call or Text to let us know when you have arrived, and we'll send one of our highly trained carrier pigeons to retrieve your device. Go for a coffee break at Dunkin just two doors down, or grab a bite to eat from one of the many fast food joints within walking distance from the shop, and in as little as 15-30 minutes, we'll bring your device back out to your vehicle. "Good as New!" 

Mail Order: From the moment you book the repair on our website, we get to work ordering or reserving any parts needed to perform your repair. Doing this ensures we're all set and ready to rock n' roll when your device arrives at IFIX HQ. We boast that 98% of all repairs booked via Mail Order Service are received, repaired, tested, and shipped back to you on the same working day. That means in most cases, from posting to receipt, your IFIX'ed device is back in your hands in as little as 72 hours. 

Will I be updated throughout the repair process?

We've been repairing devices for many years - we understand that customer communication is key to being able to give second to none service. We have a specially designed POS system to automatically update you every step of the way via email and SMS. These are real-time updates so that you are kept in the loop alongside our customer account managers. 

Is my data safe?

In short - Of Course! Devices control everything and we understand that you need to trust the company handling the device, as such, we have taken special measures to implement the correct systems to ensure that your sensitive data is kept safe at all times. For starters, we respect your privacy and never access customer data unless we need to and never without prior consent. We always recommend that you back up and erase your device if you're concerned about your data being accessed, however, this may not always be possible. In order to test the device and complete our checks to the highest standard, so that we can test and warranty your device and our work, we will need the passcode to your device. This code is only accessible by the manager, technician, and it is not passed on to anyone else. The code is held inside a secure database and is never shared with anyone else for any reason. 

All technicians, staff, and managers have undergone thorough background checks as part of our recruitment process and during the introduction to employment by IFIX Enterprises, Inc. 

I Have A Busy Schedule, Can You Accommodate?

Life and schedules can be tricky, this in mind we have opened our customer service levels even further - Our customer support lines and appointment services are available 10 AM - Midnight 7 Days A Week. 

Is Your Repair Work Guaranteed?

We hold the highest confidence in all of our repair services. A Lifetime Warranty is included with every repair, with the exception of liquid damage repairs and battery replacements. Battery replacements are warrantied for 1 year from the date of replacement. Unlike nearly every other repair company out there, our Lifetime Warranty means we will cover the full cost of the part and the labor to replace any part which is found to be defective after being installed by our technicians, provided it has not failed due to physical or liquid damage, been tampered with any way. Simply, put - If it's not working and it's not your fault, chances are we'll fix it FREE OF CHARGE. 

We do not quibble over warranty claims, however, we have to stress that the warranty is null and void if the device experiences any kind of physical or liquid damage after the device has been repaired. This includes instances of damage to the device that occurred without your knowledge, damage that occurred while a device was "sitting" somewhere untouched, and/or damage that occurred without any external force or reason for said damage or due to "Acts of God". Unfortunately, "I don't know what happened" does not excuse damage to a device. Please understand, we have the best warranty in the industry, but we are unable to honor ANY warranty if the device has physical or liquid damage - regardless of how it happened. 

If you're unsure whether or not the damage was present before the original repair, please contact us as we take extensive notes regarding the damage that is present at the time of repair. This information is stored within your account profile under your name and serial number for quick and easy access in case we ever have to assess your device for warranty coverage.  

Am I Able To Speak To Someone - Or Can I Only Book Online?

In Short - YES! We have a full customer service team ready to help with your requests and are available between 10 AM - Midnight 7 Days A Week. 

You are able to get up to date information on the latest pricing and service availability in your area. - Existing Customer? They can give you up to date information regarding the status of your repair process. 

Will You Wipe My Device?

We always recommend that you back up and erase your personal data before shipping the device to us. However this is not always possible, maybe you do not want the extra hassle of completing this task and that's perfectly understandable. 

We will leave the device data exactly how we find it and none of this will be erased or changed in any way. Should we need to complete a software flash we will only go ahead and do this once we have contacted you and obtained your full permission to do so.